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three year suicide.

finally, finally, finally slept even though i had one of those crazy dreams where you feel like youre lying in bed unable to sleep the only thing that tipped me off was that in the "dream" there was a window on the wall by the big cabinets near the foot of the couch and in real life there is no such window [oh and my shearing fatigue induced leg pain has been reduce to a dull ache] im going to try to get a little more sleep today unless something important comes up. pointless ha! samantha came by last night and we talked for a long time, i miss her so bad it makes me nauseous and the fact i have nothing to keep my mind off her but a guitar, a 4 track, and college radio isnt helping... though it is lendng to writing some really gloomy sad-pop tunes [think: slint, iran, etc.]

in other news i picked up a copy of that butthole surfers cd and it's wonderful even if it didnt restore my life to peace and normalcy. ive noticed people look at me like im nuts when i mention that i like that band but then again most people dont realize that back in the early 80's they were the craziest noisiest probably heaviest band on earth.

sean [yoda] is going to be back in town for a few days and hopefully i'll be able to catch up with him for a few days, going to call and leave him my new number in a few minutes. it sucks when the best friend you've ever had lives half the fucking world away.
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