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the only one hurt tonight [aka: the hell out of dodge]

send money... i need to be on a bus to cali by sundown tomorrow elswise i'm looking at the very real possibility of freezing to death. today will be spent contacting old friends and essentially begging for as much money as they can spare which i'll repay once i get on my feet out west. ideally i'd like to have at least 600 bucks cash after i pay for my ticket but given the situation that seems fairly unrealistic.

funny the shit the mind fixates on in times of crisis. there is a butthole surfers cd ["humpty dumpty LSD" a collection of their really old noisy drunk and drugged up stuff circa probably 82-85] that i "need" and im about 6 bucks short of having enough. as if i would somehow get this cd and magically the angels would sing and my life would be restored to happiness and peace.
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