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people keep sending me these dumb things.

currently in the cd player: [over the past day or two]
human remains "where were you when"
the smiths "the queen is dead"
drive like jehu "yank crime"
satyricon "nemesis divina"
anal cunt "morbid florist"
cathedral "forest of equilibrium"
napalm death "fear emptiness despair"

last five cds you purchased:
[i only remember the last three]
drive like jehu "yank crime"
napalm death "fear emptiness despair"
theory of ruin "counterculture nosebleed"
[hopefully picking up the new cathedral disc "VIIth coming" today]

last thing you ate:
stop n' shop chicken nuggets [6]

what are you wearing:
plain black hooded sweatshirt. [death to zippers]
scattered remnants longlseeve [hah! im old-school]
baggy black cargo shorts
fruity colored boxers
black "crew knit" socks
black/ grey newbalance mesh running shoes [worn out]

plans for today:
world domination
finding a new job
perhaps going to visit jeremy at work.
perhaps slipping into some REM state sleep.
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