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a walk

"woke up" with alot on my mind so i took a walk of considerable distance and returned home a few hours later with a bloody ankle and just as much on my mind. i want to leave, right now and not look back despite the fact i have no place in particular to go. LIVE a LIFE instead of dreaming about one, some bizzare hybrid of ON THE ROAD and EVASION but a life of my OWN instead of slowly wasting away, full of danger and adventure and love and hate and cold and hunger and humidity instead of climate controled boredom and outright screaming frustration. maybe i'll wander around overseas and fall in love with a beautiful nurse and fight in a revolution and win fame and fortune and give it all up to go back to wandering... who knows maybe itll be more mundane but i'll see the world and make my life a movie i wouldnt mind seeing.
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